Applying some pragmatic Scrum for a big personal project like moving.

In this series of Agile In Real Life (IRL) I write about how Agile can be or is applied in non-software development practices. I reflect on things that I come across or write about my own experiences, explaining some of the Agile practices with Real Life examples.

In the summer of 2018 I traded in my roommate for a female version, my girlfriend. And to make it a clean trade, they were swapping apartments! This meant that in one weekend we were actually moving two people into two apartments. Something that could be super-efficient, if managed properly. And a good…

What we can learn from the Sri Lankan hotel business.

In this series of Agile In Real Life (IRL) I write about how Agile can be or is applied in non-software development practices. I reflect on things that I come across or write about my own experiences, explaining some of the Agile practices with Real Life examples.

When you think about countries in which you could see Agile applied, probably you would think of a country like Japan, the place where Kaizen (lean manufacturing) originated. But would you think of Sri Lanka?

In the summer of 2018, I went on a holiday with my girlfriend to the ‘Teardrop of India’…

How MoSCoW can help you as a Product Manager to make your committed dates.

As a Product Manager you are bound to deal with deadlines at some point. And although you can fight this word and say that deadlines do not exist in an agile world, then let’s just acknowledge that the moment you communicate a date to stakeholders, they will treat it like one.

Not always, but often, the request for a date from stakeholders is justified. You might be working on a new product or new feature that falls into a bigger plan, or there are other departments involved. Whether its a marketing initiative, a deal with external partners, or whatever. …

What Product Managers can learn from the Dutch Government when setting up (Product) Health Metrics.

Setting up Health Metrics for your company or product can be super useful, but it is not always that straightforward. Because how do you choose the right ones? And how would you use them within your team? It does not happen often that we can learn something from governments, but I think in this case we can.

In this article I reflect on a pretty special (and very literal!) example: COVID-19 Pandemic Health Metrics, set by the Dutch Government. …

How to build relationships with your customers and increase the impact of your internal products.

Although the vast majority of product examples are always about consumer-facing products like Netflix or Uber, a lot of us Product Managers are working on internal products. Products that are built for fellow colleagues. I have done so myself as well and I found that promoting your product is just as important as working on an external-facing product.

In this article, I write about the nature of an internal product, and how doing Product Roadshows helped me to build relationships with customers. Building better products and more importantly — making sure that we were indeed making an impact. …

A simplified and opinionated explanation.

Since I switched jobs (and companies), from a Product Owner (PO) to a Product Manager (PM), I got questioned a lot about the difference. And not only by my friends and family but also from people within the industry. So is there a difference? If you ask me there definitely is, and this article is to give my (personal) explanation to it.

The one-sentence explanation

If I would be forced to answer the difference in one sentence I would say:

As Product Manager you are responsible for both the Discovery and Delivery of your product, whereas a Product Owner you are more focused…

How we created a tool that makes practicing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) easier.

This article is collaboratively written by Dominik Garcia (Software Engineer) & Jim van der Waal (Product Manager), who were both part of the team that developed the SLO Creation Tool.

In the last years the SRE movement has got a lot of traction. After the publication of the book the practices have spread within no time. And with very good reasons! We don’t want to get into the theoretical talk about SRE but tell you how we put them into practice at Onefootball.

We noticed it is easy to talk about it but to actually practice it and embed it…

Within The Netherlands, is known for being an early adopter of agile practices and has been an example for a lot of companies in their (agile) transformation. But while I was working there as a product owner I still felt that we were not quite there yet regarding agility.

The main struggle I faced was the lack of end-to-end responsibility of a software development team hence for me as a product owner. But as I never had the hands-on experience of working with full-blown multidisciplinary teams with end-to-end responsibility myself, was it fair that I said we should change?

This talk was given last year at the Spaces Summit, an internal conference of Sharing my first experiences on how we work at Onefootball, focused on Product & Engineering. Explaining how our teams are organized, giving insights in our ways of working, and giving my opinion why this is working so well.


Below you can find a short summary of the talk, a TL;DW, highlighting some of the important points.


We are a very international company, with around 200 people we are building the ultimate Football platform for fans. …

This article is part of a series regarding Personal and Career development. It elaborates more on the “opportunities” of the earlier discussed framework. It dives deeper in how to look for job opportunities and a way how you can analyse them.

In the end we don’t need to forget that your career is also there to make a living, making sure you can pay the bills (and probably all your fun holidays next to it). But we want to do this in a fun and fulfilling way. The article about your profile focuses on discovering on what would make a…

Jim van der Waal

Product Manager at @onefootball | Dutchie living in Berlin | Always up for using creativity and making complex problems simple(r) and fun!

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